Nifty 50’s Sock Hop @ The Soda Pop Shoppe

My daughter’s 7th birthday theme was based on the Nifty 50’s era. She had a Sock Hop @ The Soda Pop Shoppe party! (May 2017)

INVITATIONS: I made my own invitations using clipart pictures of popular things from the 50s. I used 50s theme address labels and stamps. The labels and stamps I personalized and bought from I enclosed black music note confetti in the invitations. I designed each guest envelop with a guitar or jukebox with music notes on front with their name filled out on a 50s theme label.

ATTIRE: My daughter took professional pictures in two outfits. The first one was a black and white polka dot halter dress accessorized with a red flower clip, black and white polka dot bracelet and a white beaded bracelet, red rose earrings with pearls attached, and red sparkling flats. Her second out fit was a white collar shirt with a purple poodle skirt. She wore a purple headscarf trimmed in black, purple hoop earrings, purple neck scarf, white cuff socks with a black poodle on the side, and black and white oxford shoes. At the party, she wore a white T-shirt with a jukebox, milkshake, and number 7 on the front with a black tutu embellished with a pink poodle. She wore white cuffed socks with a pink poodle on the side and her black and white oxford shoes.
Her little sister wore a pink and black and white checkered Car Hop outfit that I had made from a shop in She had the matching ruffle socks and black and white Keds the resembled the Oxford Shoes. She also wore roller skates when she took pics with the birthday girl.
I wore a black and white polka dot tank top with a Pink Ladies jacket and the matching leggings with white cuffed socks. My oxford shoes were pink and black. My husband wore a T-shirt that read Daddy-O since 2010.


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