Berry Sweet Baking Party!

My baby girl all of a sudden had an interest in Strawberry Shortcake. She decided that’s what she wanted for her 5th birthday party. I had everything planned out from the venue to the activities; however, we had orders to move to Texas! I had to start all over in my search. Nevertheless, I was determined for her to have a Berry Sweet Baking Party! Luckily, the venue I found had an in house baker to host the party. (January 2017)

INVITATIONS: I wanted her to have chef hat invitations. I wasn’t too fond of the prices that were online so I used clipart pictures and created the invitations myself. The pictures were of Strawberry Shortcake of course, Blueberry Muffin, Orange Blossom, and a few baking items. They turned out really cute! I included a business card that I designed on in the invitation. I also had strawberry stamps and Strawberry shortcake envelopes.

ATTIRE: For professional pictures taken at the Strawberry Patch, I ordered my daughter’s strawberry tutu set, blinged out vest, and converse shoes from She wore green and white striped tights underneath the tutu. Let’s not forget her matching headband and strawberry shaped earrings! It appeared that she was selling Strawberry Lemonade at her lemonade stand.



She wore a Strawberry Shortcake costume at the party that I purchased from It included the dress, hat, and the tights she wore for her professional pictures. Her converse shoes had Strawberry Shortcake’s face embroidered on the tongue.

Her big sister wore a white t-shirt with Blueberry Muffin embroidered on the front and it read Berry Big Sister. She had a royal blue shrug and a royal blue, purple, and green tutu with a matching headband. I purchased her green striped tights from and her royal blue boots from

I wore a white long sleeved shirt with Orange Blossom embroidered on the front and it read Mommy of the Birthday Girl. My niece was able to join us for the party so she also had a personalized shirt. Her shirt read Cousin of the Birthday Girl with Plum Pudding embroidered on the front.

DECORATIONS: Guests were greeted with a canvas of my daughter placed on the table near the door.

Along side it was a Strawberry Shortcake Happy Birthday book, Menu, Nutrition Facts, and a vintage Strawberry Shortcake doll and cup.

The door next to the table had the Welcome sign above the Pin the Strawberry on the Vine game.


A Happy Birthday banner hung from a shutter door prop where the gifts were placed. I used the small table alongside and put the party favors on there.



The cake station had a Strawberry Shortcake themed table cloth and the food table was decorated with a red tablecloth and red, pink, and green fringe table skirt.

For photo opportunities, the scene setter was in the back of the room with balloons on the side.

I had 8 Barbie dolls dressed as the characters from the Strawberry Shortcake TV show. They were dressed as close to the characters as possible with personal notes describing their contribution to the party.



































FOOD: I pretty much kept everything related to the theme. My daughter’s Strawberry Shortcake round cake was inspired from a picture I found on Google and the baker nailed it!!! The host surprised the birthday girl with another cake that she made.


Besides cake and strawberry swirl ice-cream, we served the following items that were on the MENU: BLUEBERRY mini muffins, CHERRY jello, STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE themed cookies, DOH-NUTS (to symbolize Play-Doh), assorted fruit, LEMONade, ORANGE gumballs, peanut butter and strawberry PIE sandwiches, PLUM cake pops, RASPBERRY pop tarts, and strawberry soda.


GAME: The girls played Pin the Strawberry on the Vine after they finished their activity. The winner of the game received a Strawberry Shortcake apron, hat, plastic cup, and beaded bracelet, cookie mix, and pot holders.

ACTIVITIES: Each girl was provided an apron and a chef hat that I adorned with coffee filters, cupcake liners, cupcake iron ons, and rhinestones prior to the party. Mommy and daddy also had a chef hat 🙂

Once they were all dressed up, they moved to the cake decorating station. A 6-inch white cake awaited each girl, along with strawberry icing, a variety of sprinkles, and fondant shapes. The girls enjoyed decorating their cakes so much that they were licking the icing and eating their decorations before placing it on the cake.

After they completed their cake, Strawberry Shortcake congratulated each girl for doing a fantastic job! The girls took individual pictures with Strawberry Shortcake, their finished cake, and a certificate I made for them completing the Baking Course.

Their cakes were placed in round plastic cake containers.

I put on some Strawberry Shortcake music to get them to wiggle out all of that energy before they played the game.

Strawberry Shortcake Candle

Later on, it was time to celebrate the berry sweet birthday girl!

PARTY FAVORS: The first guest received a Strawberry Shortcake drawstring bag, a Berry Cute plush kitten, a Strawberry Shortcake beaded bracelet, a Strawberry Shortcake plastic cup, a lemon squirt, and an Employee of the Month certificate.

Each little baker received the following: a fruit tote bag, Strawberry Shortcake Baking Utensils, Strawberry Shortcake pencil and eraser, Strawberry Shortcake blowout, Strawberry Shortcake compact mirror, Strawberry Shortcake tattoo and sticker, strawberry chapstick, strawberry shaped sunglasses, a coloring book from Blueberry Muffin’s bookstore, treats and the 6 inch cake from Orange Blossom’s store, a hair bow from Lemon Meringue’s hair salon, a plush dog from Huckleberry’s dog shelter, a microphone from Cherry Jam and Plum Pudding’s studio, Play-Doh and a recipe to make Play-Doh using Kool-Aid, and lastly, a necklace and ring from Raspberry Torte’s boutique, along with their chef hat, apron, and certificate.

THANK YOU CARDS: I ordered my strawberry shaped Thank You cards from I asked the seller to change the wording of my choice and he did so with no problems!


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