Nifty 50’s Sock Hop @ The Soda Pop Shoppe

My daughter’s 7th birthday theme was based on the Nifty 50’s era. She had a Sock Hop @ The Soda Pop Shoppe party! (May 2017)

INVITATIONS: I made my own invitations using clipart pictures of popular things from the 50s. I used 50s theme address labels and stamps. The labels and stamps I personalized and bought from I enclosed black music note confetti in the invitations. I designed each guest envelop with a guitar or jukebox with music notes on front with their name filled out on a 50s theme label.

ATTIRE: My daughter took professional pictures in two outfits. The first one was a black and white polka dot halter dress accessorized with a red flower clip, black and white polka dot bracelet and a white beaded bracelet, red rose earrings with pearls attached, and red sparkling flats. Her second out fit was a white collar shirt with a purple poodle skirt. She wore a purple headscarf trimmed in black, purple hoop earrings, purple neck scarf, white cuff socks with a black poodle on the side, and black and white oxford shoes. At the party, she wore a white T-shirt with a jukebox, milkshake, and number 7 on the front with a black tutu embellished with a pink poodle. She wore white cuffed socks with a pink poodle on the side and her black and white oxford shoes.
Her little sister wore a pink and black and white checkered Car Hop outfit that I had made from a shop in She had the matching ruffle socks and black and white Keds the resembled the Oxford Shoes. She also wore roller skates when she took pics with the birthday girl.
I wore a black and white polka dot tank top with a Pink Ladies jacket and the matching leggings with white cuffed socks. My oxford shoes were pink and black. My husband wore a T-shirt that read Daddy-O since 2010.


Berry Sweet Baking Party!

My baby girl all of a sudden had an interest in Strawberry Shortcake. She decided that’s what she wanted for her 5th birthday party. I had everything planned out from the venue to the activities; however, we had orders to move to Texas! I had to start all over in my search. Nevertheless, I was determined for her to have a Berry Sweet Baking Party! Luckily, the venue I found had an in house baker to host the party. (January 2017)

INVITATIONS: I wanted her to have chef hat invitations. I wasn’t too fond of the prices that were online so I used clipart pictures and created the invitations myself. The pictures were of Strawberry Shortcake of course, Blueberry Muffin, Orange Blossom, and a few baking items. They turned out really cute! I included a business card that I designed on in the invitation. I also had strawberry stamps and Strawberry shortcake envelopes.

ATTIRE: For professional pictures taken at the Strawberry Patch, I ordered my daughter’s strawberry tutu set, blinged out vest, and converse shoes from She wore green and white striped tights underneath the tutu. Let’s not forget her matching headband and strawberry shaped earrings! It appeared that she was selling Strawberry Lemonade at her lemonade stand.



She wore a Strawberry Shortcake costume at the party that I purchased from It included the dress, hat, and the tights she wore for her professional pictures. Her converse shoes had Strawberry Shortcake’s face embroidered on the tongue.

Her big sister wore a white t-shirt with Blueberry Muffin embroidered on the front and it read Berry Big Sister. She had a royal blue shrug and a royal blue, purple, and green tutu with a matching headband. I purchased her green striped tights from and her royal blue boots from

I wore a white long sleeved shirt with Orange Blossom embroidered on the front and it read Mommy of the Birthday Girl. My niece was able to join us for the party so she also had a personalized shirt. Her shirt read Cousin of the Birthday Girl with Plum Pudding embroidered on the front.

DECORATIONS: Guests were greeted with a canvas of my daughter placed on the table near the door.

Along side it was a Strawberry Shortcake Happy Birthday book, Menu, Nutrition Facts, and a vintage Strawberry Shortcake doll and cup.

The door next to the table had the Welcome sign above the Pin the Strawberry on the Vine game.


A Happy Birthday banner hung from a shutter door prop where the gifts were placed. I used the small table alongside and put the party favors on there.



The cake station had a Strawberry Shortcake themed table cloth and the food table was decorated with a red tablecloth and red, pink, and green fringe table skirt.

For photo opportunities, the scene setter was in the back of the room with balloons on the side.

I had 8 Barbie dolls dressed as the characters from the Strawberry Shortcake TV show. They were dressed as close to the characters as possible with personal notes describing their contribution to the party.



































FOOD: I pretty much kept everything related to the theme. My daughter’s Strawberry Shortcake round cake was inspired from a picture I found on Google and the baker nailed it!!! The host surprised the birthday girl with another cake that she made.


Besides cake and strawberry swirl ice-cream, we served the following items that were on the MENU: BLUEBERRY mini muffins, CHERRY jello, STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE themed cookies, DOH-NUTS (to symbolize Play-Doh), assorted fruit, LEMONade, ORANGE gumballs, peanut butter and strawberry PIE sandwiches, PLUM cake pops, RASPBERRY pop tarts, and strawberry soda.


GAME: The girls played Pin the Strawberry on the Vine after they finished their activity. The winner of the game received a Strawberry Shortcake apron, hat, plastic cup, and beaded bracelet, cookie mix, and pot holders.

ACTIVITIES: Each girl was provided an apron and a chef hat that I adorned with coffee filters, cupcake liners, cupcake iron ons, and rhinestones prior to the party. Mommy and daddy also had a chef hat 🙂

Once they were all dressed up, they moved to the cake decorating station. A 6-inch white cake awaited each girl, along with strawberry icing, a variety of sprinkles, and fondant shapes. The girls enjoyed decorating their cakes so much that they were licking the icing and eating their decorations before placing it on the cake.

After they completed their cake, Strawberry Shortcake congratulated each girl for doing a fantastic job! The girls took individual pictures with Strawberry Shortcake, their finished cake, and a certificate I made for them completing the Baking Course.

Their cakes were placed in round plastic cake containers.

I put on some Strawberry Shortcake music to get them to wiggle out all of that energy before they played the game.

Strawberry Shortcake Candle

Later on, it was time to celebrate the berry sweet birthday girl!

PARTY FAVORS: The first guest received a Strawberry Shortcake drawstring bag, a Berry Cute plush kitten, a Strawberry Shortcake beaded bracelet, a Strawberry Shortcake plastic cup, a lemon squirt, and an Employee of the Month certificate.

Each little baker received the following: a fruit tote bag, Strawberry Shortcake Baking Utensils, Strawberry Shortcake pencil and eraser, Strawberry Shortcake blowout, Strawberry Shortcake compact mirror, Strawberry Shortcake tattoo and sticker, strawberry chapstick, strawberry shaped sunglasses, a coloring book from Blueberry Muffin’s bookstore, treats and the 6 inch cake from Orange Blossom’s store, a hair bow from Lemon Meringue’s hair salon, a plush dog from Huckleberry’s dog shelter, a microphone from Cherry Jam and Plum Pudding’s studio, Play-Doh and a recipe to make Play-Doh using Kool-Aid, and lastly, a necklace and ring from Raspberry Torte’s boutique, along with their chef hat, apron, and certificate.

THANK YOU CARDS: I ordered my strawberry shaped Thank You cards from I asked the seller to change the wording of my choice and he did so with no problems!


Degree in Culinary Arts and Cafe Management

Mad Hatter’s Very Merry 6th unBirthday ParTEA


My daughter’s 6th birthday theme was Alice WONDERs Through the Looking Glass. She had a Mad Hatter’s ParTEA. I was excited to plan this party for her,  especially since she graduated from Kindergarten a couple of weeks prior. (May 2016)

INVITATIONS: I made my own invitations in the shape of a playing card. I used K with the heart instead of Q because her name is Ka’Miyah.

The invitation read: Don’t Be Late! For a very important date! Queen Ka’Miyah is having a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party with Alice in Wonderland in celebration of her Very Merry 6th unBirthday! Follow the White Rabbit Down the Rabbit Hole at 3p.m. Saturday, May 21, 2016 and Directly you will be Directed to Address was provided RSVP the Queen of Hearts @ (my number was provided) or OFF WITH Y OUR HEAD!!! She had AIW address labels and stamps. The stamps I personalized and bought from I enclosed an AIW bookmark I made from Vista Print that read READ ME on the front with pictures of the characters and Ka’Miyah’s very merry 6th unBirthday with Alice in Wonderland on the back. I also included red and white plastic rose petals in the invitations. Each guest had their name filled out on the front with hearts and the back was sealed with a bottle sticker that read OPEN ME.

ATTIRE: Prior to the invitations, my daughter took professional pictures and I made a video trailer from my iPhone of Ka’Miyah in Wonderland.

My daughter was dressed as Alice and wore a blue and white corset with a matching tutu. There was black and white harlequin décor and a heart on the corset. She had harlequin gloves, a matching top hat headband, matching ruffle socks, and black flat ballet shoes with the heart, spade, and diamond on them.

At the actual party, she wore a t-shirt with Alice on the front that read her name and age, a top hat headband, and a matching tutu, ruffle socks, and Skecher shoes. Her little sister dressed as the Cheshire Cat with a purple and pink tutu dress and headband with cat ears with matching ruffles socks and Skechers. Her god sister was the White Bunny and had a red jacket and grey tutu skirt with a bunny top hat headband. Mommy and Daddy wore matching yellow shirts with red suspenders on the front and Tweedle Dad and Tweedle Mom printed on the back. We both had on red shorts and red caps. Maternal Grandma had a shirt that read Queen of Wonder. Paternal Grandma’s shirt read Queen of the Birthday Girl, and Maternal Great-Grandma shirt read Great Queen of the Birthday Girl. They each had a different picture of the Queen of Hearts printed on the front. I used the gym at my job for the location of the party.

DECORATIONS: I bought a black/white-checkered tablecloth and taped it to the wall and added the following characters on there: Caterpillar, Tweedle Dee/Dum, bread butterflies, mouse in the teapot, the March hare, rocking horseflies, and the cards that painted the roses red. I bought two balloon columns to place on each side of the tablecloth and it became a backdrop for photos.

Upon entering the building, you were greeted by 6 of Hearts Cardboard Guard and behind him were signs that read: That Way, Up, Wrong Way, Ka’Miyah’s Mad Tea Party, Down There, Over There, Turn Around, This Way.

Above the entryway was her banner.

The White Rabbit made out of cardboard with his time watch set at 3pm; he was placed on the side of the door to the gym.

The cake table was draped with a Mad Hatter tablecloth (purchased from Birthday Direct) and the top was decorated with AIW, Tea, and Checkered balloons, plush White Rabbit, AIW paper plates, Marshmallow Cheshire Cat Tails scattered, stacked porcelain tea cups with a top hat on top, Queen of Heart napkins, plush Cheshire Cat, and blue and pink plastic utensils. Above the cake table was a sign that read Welcome to Ka’Miyah’s Very Merry 6th unBirthday Mad Hatter’s ParTEA! There were two Tea Pot hanging decorations placed on the side of the cake table sign.

I made a sign for her gift table out of black cardboard. I used red and white cut out hearts to put on the side of the wording: OFF WITH HER GIFTS! OFF WITH HER was in red letters and GIFTS with the exclamation point was in white with a red undertone. A die cut of the Queen of Hearts was glued on the right side of the wording.

The guests also had a sign for their Gift Boxes. The cardboard was orange and read: ParTEA Over you Mad or Nah? The letters were in multi colors and a die cut of the Mad Hatter was placed near the center/right side of the sign above their gifts.

FOOD: I had pizza for the kids and adults to eat. Juices that read DRINK ME and chips with a sign that read EAT ME. I also had tea shaped cookies that matched the birthday girl’s attire.

I had 12 cupcakes that symbolized roses. 4 cupcakes were vanilla with white icing; 4 cupcakes were chocolate with red and white icing that looked like they were being painted red; and the last 4 cupcakes were red velvet with red icing.

Painted Rose Cupcakes

I drew out the birthday cake and the bakery brought my idea to life! The cake was a blue Top Hat with black and white harlequin around the lower part of the hat and a heart in the center of the harlequin. It read Happy unBirthday Ka’Miyah. The card on the side was K/6, instead of the original IN THIS STYLE 10/6. The top of the hat had roses around the edges and I placed a small blue tea plate and a red teacup (from my daughter’s tea set) in the center and added her #6 candle, which was decorated in black and white harlequin print with a red heart and red rose.

GAMES: The first thing the guests did was slide down the rabbit hole in the inflatable obstacle course.

They played a game of Croquet with wooden flamingos that I purchased from eBay. They were painted as flamingos with the hedgehog balls.

The P.E. teacher volunteered for the kids to use some type of flat cycle and race around the gym. My supervisor outlined the Cheshire Cat on a white poster board from the projector days before the party and I colored the Cheshire Cat on a white poster board with pink, purple, and black marker. It took me 3 hours to color it. They didn’t get the chance to play Pin the Grin on the Cheshire Cat due to surprise guests!

Pin the Smile on the Cheshire

ACTIVITIES: The first guest to arrive was the Queen of Hearts! She played croquet with the unBirthday girl and took individual pictures with guests. Luckily, everyone had all of their heads before she left.

The second guest to arrive was Alice! She was able to tell her story, allow guests to volunteer and be a part of her adventure in Wonderland, and take individual pictures with guests. Alice provided the birthday girl with a present before leaving the party.

PARTY FAVORS: For my daughters’ birthday parties, I made it a tradition to give the first guest to arrive a special gift(s). The first guest that arrived to Wonderland received an Alice tote bag, Checkers, AIW Beaded bracelet, Hardcover AIW book, Tweedle cap, and 8×10 deck of cards.

Since we didn’t get to play Pin the Smile on the Cheshire Cat, I gave the second guest to arrive the gift(s) that would’ve been provided for the winner of that game. I bought a small sky blue bag and put a white silhouette of Alice on the front and it included Checkers, AIW Beaded bracelet, Hardcover AIW book, Tweedle Cap, and 5×7 deck of cards.

Each girl guest received the following in a pink box with purple circles to symbolize the Cheshire Cat: a White Rose Cardboard to paint, a paintbrush, a teacup with straw, AIW Chap Stick, clock ribbon necklace, tea ribbon necklace, a wooden heart wand, a red & white heart sucker, and a magic color scratch heart.

Each boy guest received the following in a checkered box: a top hat, a deck of cards, a paintbrush, red and white heart suckers, and WHO R U?! Bubbles. I made the stickers from Vista Print and attached them to the bubbles with the caterpillar and the previous wording. Attached to the gift boxes were TAKE ME tags I made on the computer with a heart and an Alice silhouette.

THANK YOU CARDS: I ordered my Thank You cards from an ETSY shop and had them to personalize it in my liking. The card was blue and black harlequin with Alice looking out of the keyhole in the front.

The card read: WE’RE ALL MAD HERE!!! By Royal Order of the Queen of Hearts, the par-TEA has come to an end. I enjoyed celebrating my unBirthday with WONDERful friends. THANKS so ‘much more muchier’ for going BONKERS with me at my wacky, Mad TEA-rrific Party! Don’t wait to turn back the hands of time from the past. I hope you come this way(with an arrow )next year THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS. Your Queen of Wonderland, Ka’Miyah Inside of the Thank You cards were a key and a small magnifying glass to reference the keyhole and Through The Looking Glass.

This party was really special. Not only did my daughter graduate from Kindergarten, then turn 6, we were also given orders to relocate to another state. So her 6th birthday party was one of her best parties ever, which was interesting, considering it could’ve been a farewell party also. Her teacher even stopped by before we all left Wonderland. I put in a lot of work like any other party and I did not expect such a major turn out. I’m very pleased that everyone enjoyed themselves, especially the birthday girl. Thank you for taking the time to read my party idea!

Snow White Enchanted FOURest: Fairest in the Woods Party

snow-whitekMy youngest daughter wanted to have a Snow White birthday party. Since she was turning 4 years old, I entitled her theme Snow White Enchanted FOURest: Fairest in the Woods Party. (January 2016)

INVITATIONS: I found an image that I liked on Google and placed small forest animals throughout the invitation. I added my wording on the mirror section and included the information of the party on the back. I printed my invitations from I put glittered apple confetti inside the invitations and glued apple die cuts on the envelopes and wrote each guest name on the apple. Of course there were Snow White address labels and stamps for those that had to be mailed.

ATTIRE: My daughter’s pictures were taken at a nearby nature center known for their trails in the deciduous forest. She wore a Snow White costume dress with matching gloves. She also had a Snow White wand. I purchased her Snow White cameo shoes from She wore her hair in bob braids complimented by a Snow White tiara.

Oh no! It’s the huntsman!

At the party, she wore a white long sleeve shirt under her Snow White inspired corset top and white leggings under the tutu. She had matching Snow White ruffle socks and red Converse tennis shoes with a yellow crown embroidered on the tongue and royal blue ribbon as the shoestrings. She also wore a matching couture headband.

Her big sister wore a Snow White tutu dress with royal blue leggings. She also had matching ruffle socks and red, yellow, and blue Converse tennis shoes with a matching headband. I wore a white Snow White/Prince shirt with my matching Converse shoes and daddy wore a black long sleeve shirt that I made on It was a picture of the Seven Dwarfs and the shirt read: It’s my Princess birthday. His shoes matched his shirt as well.

DECORATIONS: Since the theme was Snow White, where would be a good place to host the party? Why a cabin of course! We rented a cabin that was 30 minutes away from our home. The cabin wasn’t that big, so we rearranged the furniture to make it spacious. I placed a welcome sign on the door. A&K Party Pals designed the photo backdrop and balloon columns. I purchased the Wishing Well from














The Evil Queen set up was displayed in the corner of the room. I purchased a cauldron and poison apple from I had a black baroque mirror propped against the wall and taped the imprisoned spirit in the center. The Evil Queen doll was beside the mirror and next to that was the spell book. I used an old dictionary and glued burlap on the cover. I printed the Peddler’s Disguise and Poison Apple pages off the computer and glued them inside. I used gold glitter paint and burned the edges of the book to add to the worn look. I made a smaller spell book and painted it black and added plastic spiders and googly eyes, and cotton balls as web.

FOOD: My husband made nachos, more so for the adults. There were Smuckers Uncrustables peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as Gooseberry Pies. We had stick pretzels as wood sticks, a basket of Poison red apples, Sleepy’s Mine Brew (root beer soda and vanilla ice-cream), Dopey’s Doughy Apple Shaped Cookies, Doc’s Well Water, Heart of a Pig heart suckers, M&M’s as treasure, Snow White Cake Pops, a skeleton pitcher of the Evil’s Queen brew (green juice), and the fairest birthday girl’s cake.





ACTIVITIES: Snow White joined the fun and gave the birthday princess two gifts. She then had everyone to color and decorate their crafts with stickers. The girls had tiaras and the boys had masks. After that activity was completed, Snow White told the story of how she met the Seven Dwarfs. She sang, danced, signed autographs and took individual pictures with each guest.

PARTY FAVORS: I purchased the girl gift bags from They were Fall Festival Apple Kraft Paper Bags that went well with the theme. Inside of the bags were the following items: Snow White headband (bow placed on side or top), a hand held magic mirror, ring, stickers, gold wand, red apple container, burlap snow white bag, ring pop, gum coins, sticky red, yellow and blue treasure, apple crayons, bird whistle, a Snow White coloring book and princess certificate that I made. Each boy had a certificate from the prince. Inside of their moneybag were whistles (while they worked), blue apple crayons, Dwarfs stickers, gum coins and a ring pop from the mine. They also had their Dwarf hats and t-shirts.

Party Favors

The first girl guest to arrive received a Snow White necklace, Snow White chapstick, Snow White hardcover book, a WOODen jump rope, and a yellow tutu.

THANK YOU CARDS: I ordered Thank You cards from eBay with my wording. I included pictures the guests took with Snow White and a picture of my daughter.

Thank You Cards

Time for Your Check-Up Party!


My daughter’s 5th birthday theme was DOC McStuffins. She had a Time for Your Check-Up Party. (May 2015)

INVITATIONS: I wanted her invitations to resemble patient files, so I found a seller on that made them exactly how I wanted. The invitations were made out of glittery purple card stock and when you open it, Doc Ka’Miyah is turning 5 was on the left side of the file with a picture of Doc McStuffins, Nurse Hallie, and Lambie. On the right side of the invitation read Patient’s File and provided the party informaiton. I included the following with invitations: an insurance card that I also purchased from and a business card that I made on Each invite had a Doc McStuffins address label and stamp.

File Invitation
Insurance Card
Business Cards

ATTIRE: My daughter took professional pictures at Portrait Innovations. She wore purple scrubs with Cuddle Expert and a picture of Lambie on the right side, and her name above the pocket on the left. She had a personalized white lab jacket with Lambie on the front and at the bottom were Stuffy and Nurse Hallie. Doc Ka’Miyah was on the back with a picture of Doc McStuffins. She had her hair braided in two pig tails with Doc’s hair accessories tied to the ends and the purple glitter headband. She had Doc McStuffins ruffle socks and her very own purple glitter croc shoes. It seemed like she was working at the Doctor’s Office.

Doc reading patient’s file

At the party, she wore Doc McStuffins costume dress, and headband purchased from Party City, Doc McStuffins ruffle socks, and Doc McStuffins pink glitter tennis shoes. Her little sister dressed as Lambie with a matching headband, pink Lambie skirt from Party City, ruffle pink socks, and glitter white croc shoes. Mommy wore turquoise blue Doc McStuffins scrubs and turquoise glasses in representation of Nurse Hallie.

DOC Ka’Miyah
Nurse Mommy

DECORATIONS: I made a Welcome sign on the computer that read Welcome to Doc McStuffins Medical Clinic Your JOURNIE here will guarantee you to “FEEL BETTER” through your routine Check-Ups. Journie was a reference to my little cousin that was born on my daughter’s birthday, but died 3 weeks later on Father’s Day. So this was a tribute to her and my cousin to let him know that she will never be forgotten. The sign was placed on a wall by Doc McStuffins canvases I purchased from Wal-Mart. I had her check up center placed below with her Doc chair and plush doll on the side of the check up center. The Happy Birthday banner was placed above the fireplace with plush Lambie sitting on top. I made a sign on a poster board and placed it on the screen door. I used die cut letters that read THE DOC IS IN and decorated the borders with Doc streamer. I added band-aid stickers and instruments and scattered them around the board. I also had a Doc sign staked in the ground for those who were not sure where to go.

Upon entering, each guest had to go to the Nurse Station, a picture of Nurse Hallie was on the sign, and check-in by signing their name on the sign in sheet, then use hand sanitizer and place their badges on.

Nurse Station

I made a Family Restroom sign with Doc, Lambie and Stuffy picture on it, laminated it and placed it on our downstairs restroom door.

Family Restroom

At the Optometry Station, Nurse Hallie was also on this sign, guests were able to grab a pair of glasses and take the Eye Exam.

The Pharmacy had different candies with Doc McStuffins Pharmacy labels on them.  The Hearing Test Station had Doc headphones on the table with the Ear wax candy and next to that was the Dentistry. Since no-one likes Dragon Breath, Stuffy had the wind up chomping teeth and tooth necklaces awaiting when the patient left the dentist. Toothbrush and Toothpaste were in treat boxes/bags.The table was decorated with Doc placemats and dangling, swirl cut outs were hanging from the chandelier.

FOOD: I had pizza for everyone to eat from STUFFY’s STUFFED CRUST PIZZA and salad.

Stuffy’s Pizza

From the Pharmacy, there was medicine in each medicine bottle: white tic tacs (Tylenol), Mike and Ike’s (capsules), Skittles (medicine tablets) and Smarties were in the medicine cups as vitamins. I also had chocolate covered marshmallows in a shape of a sugar pill. They had ear wax candy from the Hearing Test Station.

In the Cafeteria, we had: Bandaids (vanilla wafers), McStuffins Muffins (chocolate chip muffins), Chilly Water (H2O), Tongue Depressors (blue rock candy), Thermometers (white chocolate covered pretzels), Brain Matter (cheesy popcorn), JELLO-SHOTS, Cotton Balls (marshmallows), Sugar Pills (chocolate covered marshmallow pops), Urine Samples (apple juice), HEART BEAT cookies, and Kisses for your BooBoos (Hershey’s kisses). The cake was designed to look like the Big Book of Boo Boos!

GAMES: THE EMERGENCY OPERATING ROOM was an area for the kiddos to play Doc McStuffins’ OPERATION game. There was a Doc pillow set on top of the Doc folding bed with a patient awaiting treatment, which was Boppy from the show.





Those who wanted to participate played Pin the Bandage on Stuffy.The winner of the game received a Doc McStuffins totebag, placemat, Inflate-a-baloon, puzzle, hairbrush, ruler, and a small book of boo boos. The runner-up received a totebag, doctor vest, placemat, and Inflate-a-balloon.

1st Place
2nd Place

ACTIVITIES: We rented a purple, pink, and blue bounce house to imitate the Clinic.

There was an X-Ray activity planned with die cut bears and Q-Tips just in case it rained.

Later on, Doc McStuffins joined the party! She danced with the guests and took individual and group pictures.







She even gave the birthday girl a present! How sweet!!!


Doc McStuffins Candle

PARTY FAVORS: The first guest received Doc McStuffins Giant Coloring Pages purchased from Wal-Mart.

At the GIFT SHOP, guests were able to take home there Doc McStuffins treat boxes (girls) and brown treat bags (boys). The favors consisted of the fowllowing Doc Mcstuffins items: notebooks, key chains, bubbles, headbands, stickers, blow outs, cups, hair bows, candy in medicine bottles, and bandaids. I also included, facial tissues, ear wax candy, hand sanitizer, Hallie glasses, bandaid crayons, face masks, wind up chomping teeth, toothbrushes, toothpaste, and a tooth necklace. Lastly, everyone received a certificate for completing their party clinical. (The boys did not get headbands and hair bows).

THANK YOU CARDS: I didn’t want the typical thank you cards to pass out to those who attended the party. Therefore, I made Thank You receipts on my computer. I had Doc McStuffins Pharmacy at the top with the bar code on the right side of the paper. Customer’s Name read Party Patient. The Rx# was my daughter’s birthday, date, and year. Date filled was the day of the party. The Drug Name was Amoxisilly with a dosage of 500MG since she was turning 5. No refills and 1 day of Supply.

Thank you receipt, Certificate for guests, and Lab Results for guests


Doctorate of Toyology Degree


Cinderella BeFOUR the Royal Ball: Rags to Riches Party


My daughter wanted to have a Cinderella theme for her 4th birthday party. Of course she wanted to be a pretty princess, but I wanted to incorporate the rags version. So I decided to give her a Rags to Riches party, hence the name Cinderella BeFOUR the Royal Ball. (May 2014)

INVITATIONS: I purchased the invitations from I used my own wording and the seller customized the colors to my liking. The invitation had my wording on the left, Cinderella dressed in rags in the center, and a picture of my daughter dressed in a rag costume dress, scrubbing the floor on the right. The invitation read Come one, coma all! You’re invited to a Birthday Ball. But beFOUR you attend, all chores must be finished! The Horse and Carriage will then chaperon all servants to the noble throne. Honoring your Royal Highness Princess Ka’Miyah Help celebrate her reign of 4 years! It will be so wondrous and dear. The back of the invitation had the party information. The invitations were mailed in brown envelopes with Cinderella address labels and stamps on the front.

ATTIRE: A friend of mine was starting her photography business and wanted to add to her portfolio. I figured this would be a great opportunity to give her exposure with kids photography. So, me being who I am had to find a castle for my daughter to take her pictures. Guess what?!?! I found a castle in the area that hosts weddings. The women thought the idea was cute and we were able to do the photo shoot in the castle.


I purchased the Rag Dress from Little Dress Up Shop online. She wore a cute pair of brown flat shoes with little rhinestones on top. Her hair was braided in a bun and she wore the hairpiece just like Cinderella. When she transformed into the princess, she wore a Cinderella costume dress with white glovettes and a black choker, accessorized with a Cinderella tiara, slippers, earrings and ring. She wore her white capelet as we were leaving the castle. She also had her Cinderella wand.




At the party, she wore a white tank top with a Royal blue carriage on front, her name underneath, and the number 4 inside the carriage. She had white leggings under her Royal blue tutu with matching Royal blue ruffle Cinderella socks and silver Cinderella tennis shoes. She had her Royal blue, white, and silver headband and a Royal blue boa to complete her attire.

Her little sister wore a cute Cinderella dress and had a matching apron to wear later. I wore a Cinderella t-shirt and my apron consisted of Cinderella and the Prince. After the party, daddy wore his military uniform and the birthday girl wore her Cinderella costume dress so she could take a picture with her Prince Charming.

DECORATIONS: The front door was decorated with a plastic Cinderella door cover. The Cinderella backdrop was taped to our living room wall and we assembled a cardboard princess castle and placed it in front of the backdrop for photos. I placed a Princess Banner above the fireplace and next to that were Cinderella balloons and the Clock Strikes 12 prop. On the side of the photo area was a table with tiaras, boas, wands, and tutus. The birthday girl chair was decorated with a princess chair cover that matched the party theme.

We placed a WASHING sign on our lights and had the Anastasia doll standing in front of a basket with aprons and dusters. Drizella doll was placed in the kitchen, standing on top of the scrubber next to a toy ironing board, mop and broom. I brought my jewelry stand downstairs and had a gold Candelabra on top with Lady Tremaine and Lucifer sitting on the side. I placed a rustic lock and key on the jewelry stand to symbolize Cinderella getting locked in her room.




Next to that was the Mending Station. I had a Happy Birthday banner in front of this station. A stand with Cinderella’s pink dress was displayed with pink ribbon, the mice, bubblegum Tape, blue mini clothespins, and a toy sewing machine. Downstairs in the hallway area I brought down my daughter’s Cinderella vanity set and made it the Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo-tique.

Near the patio door was a sign with Mike the Knight that read: KNIGHT’S NEEDED!!! Enter All Ye Brave Knights! The Kingdom of Cinderella Needs Adventure Seekers. Head To The Castle To Begin Thee Quest.


FOOD: I used a pumpkin cookie cutter and made Peanut Butter Sandwiches. I also used a crown cookie cutter and made Royal”tea” ham sandwiches. We had SOAP crackers that were written in edible marker; rock candy as magic wands. There were Halo oranges to represent carriages and cheese balls that belonged to Jaq and Gus. I placed blue shimmer gumballs (Drizella’s beads) in small glass slippers. I had “clock strikes 12” and “glass slipper” sugar cookies. I drew a picture of how I wanted my daughter’s cake and the bakery did a fantastic job. It was a simple round cake shaped like a castle with double doors on the front and flowers looping from the top. I used my daughter’s Barbie Cinderella horse and carriage to put on top of the cake.


GAME: The game I had planned was Pin the Slipper on Cinderella. The first place winner received a Cinderella placemat, Cinderella plastic cup; Cinderella coin purse; Cinderella tote bag; Cinderella headband; Cinderella coloring book; and a Cinderella hardback book. The child in second place was rewarded with a Cinderella placemat, Cinderella plastic cup; Cinderella tote bag; Cinderella notebook; Cinderella slap watch, and a Cinderella hardback book.


ACTIVITIES: When the guests arrived, they were greeted with a list of chores above the basket full of aprons. The list was the duties of Servants Chores: 1. Put on your aprons. 2. Wash Anastasia and Drizella’s dirty laundry. 3. Iron stepsister’s clothing. 4. Cook Lady Tremaine’s breakfast. 5. Feed Lucifer, the cat. 6. Dust the furniture and mop/sweep the floors. 7.Go to the Mending Station and sew your dress. 8. Go to the Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo-tique. 9. Enjoy yourself at the Birthday Royal Ball with Cinderella.


Each girl had an apron in the basket and boys had a Mike the Knight t-shirt with their names on the front. While the girls were tidying up their chores, the boys were sword fighting outside in the backyard with a red and blue cardboard castle propped against the fence. After all the excitement, Cinderella came to entertain the guests. She first gave the birthday princess two special gifts, then she had everyone decorate tiaras and crowns. After that activity was completed, Cinderella gave the girls a make over at the Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo-tique. As each girl came upstairs fully made over, I had them to take off their apron and put on their tutu, tiara, boa and grab a wand that was placed on the enchanted table. I took their pictures individually by the castle. When the girls were all done, everyone gathered upstairs so Cinderella could tell her side of the story. She sang, danced, signed autogrpahs and took individual pictures with each guest.

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PARTY FAVORS: Each princess had a Cinderella purse favor with a princess cup, princess edible bracelet, Cinderella necklace, blowout, mirror, ring, tattoo, pencil, mini wand, bubbles, crayons, notepad, wristband, kaleidoscopes, princess card, and a certificate I made from my computer. The knights received medieval tote bags, tattoos, placemats and stampers, bendable knights, Mike the Knight straws, sword/shield, and certificates that I downloaded from Nick Jr. website.

The first girl guest received a Cinderella placemat, Cinderella plastic cup; Cinderella tote bag; Cinderella notebook; and a Cinderella hardback book. The first boy guest received a bow and arrow with knife; a Medieval cup; and a Mike the Knight paperback book.

THANK YOU CARDS: I ordered my Thank You cards from eBay. The top of the card was a picture of my daughter in the carriage from the party and the Fairy godmother on the side, transforming her into a princess. The wording was at the bottom and I included a picture that each guest took with Cinderella.